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Welcome to Roy's Medical Intuitive Healing Services.


Mr Roy Sha Bajan is an experienced, self professed medium with exceptional medical intuitive healing abilities, He has been working in the spiritual energy field and Medical Intuitive Healing for 25 years and more. He considers his life a learning experience and uses this extraordinary knowledge to benefit his client's health. His main goal is removing the client's pain and diseases, while restoring peace and harmony to the mind, body and spirit to live a full, healthy and better life.

Today many people are faced with a number of ailments/diseases, medical complaints, financial woes, blockages in their life that prevent them from living a normal and healthy productive, stress free life. Many people have been searching for years for solutions to rid their bodies of all these reoccurring complications by turning to modern medicine for a cure. But not all diseases have medical cures. Radiation effects from chemo therapy, side effects from pills are only some of the challenges that modern medicine face. In some instances it only result in more diseases and health problems.

Healing the root cause of all problems brings balance to your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Only when the body is in balance we can experience a healthy body free of diseases with no side effects. Progress is then made in one's life to achieve full potential.

Should you or anyone be interested in experiencing a Reading and Healing Session, you are more than welcome to contact me at the numbers provided below.

Email @ roybajan868@gmail.com or Call 1-868-486-0468, 1-868-362-2126

Progressiveness, Enjoy a Healthier and Vibrant Life!!!

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